Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Pope strikes a blow for Peace

The latest New Year's statement from Pope Benedict implies that the presence of gay and lesbian couples is deleterious to world peace. His argument, if I follow it correctly, is that peace can only prevail if male-and-female couples produce children. It's an argument that does not fall far from his former Fuhrer's position that gays, lesbians and trans persons were a threat to the cleanliness of the State. That was the policy while Johnny Ratzinger, now Pope, was serving in the Hitler Youth, and then as an antiaircraft gunner in the Wehrmacht. I think Johnny learned it well.

I'm about to go take a test to see if I'm smart enough to clean buses. I had a superior position driving the buses for years, a better paying (twice as much) position that brought me into contact with the public, where I received the occasional compliment and safe driving award. I was driven from that job by individuals, and sometimes groups of people, who saw me as a sort of uber-queer, a person who was so obviously homosexual that I wore a dress to a job (a job many of them would kill for, one of the last blue-collar union jobs in the US).

These defenders of Purity are egged on by the Karl Roves, the Popes, the Huckabees, and other demagogues of this world, who long ago figured out that if one cannot articulate a helpful or progressive policy in order to unify the masses, a common enemy will do, and the weaker that enemy the better. In my case, the masses are told that I am a danger to their children. Anyone knows that anything goes defending one's kids! Hence the cavalcade of insults, threats, and assaults that literally destroyed my ability to safely concentrate on driving a 13-ton behemoth.

The phenomenon is made weirder and more ironic, by the fact that some of the worst perpetrators are sadly closeted individuals themselves. Lately the gaysplosions that revealed Haggard and Craig are in the news; previously it was J. Edgar Hoover, likely next it'll be Carl Rove and the Pope. As I go off, pencil in hand, hoping for work after eight months off for panic disorder, I wonder if people are slowly catching on that bigotry is a convenient harness and rein for the masters.

Update: I passed the test, and found out that there were only as many applicants as available positions! Hooray for probable solvency!

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