Thursday, April 8, 2010


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John Andersen said...


Is the script for your intro this morning posted online? I loved it, especially the bit about young people with high GPAs in relevant majors who aren't going to find jobs. Your depiction of reality was excellent.

HPRC-Helping People Redeem Claims said...

Wow girl I found you yippie. Its Evelyn Eaglesong from Tri met. Hey want to invite you over for barbecue.
Oh yes forgot take a lookie:
Please help tp thunderclap us.. Bless you girl FB or twitter or any way you can help. Interview?
. We, me are grateful. Oh shit I forgot got a himalayn kitten you must come see,

and then

The Lady said...

ok so I am new to this comment thing. Strange that I have made lovely websites LOl Ok my real blog is my business is to enrich and empower all women.. And of course as we discussed I really would love to set up an interview with you from you and from me. Great..