Friday, August 8, 2008


The USS Theodore Roosevelt and the USS Ronald Reagan, nuclear aircraft carriers, may be moving in to the Persian Gulf area now. They will be accompanied by a flotilla of warships, and all will be joining the ships surrounding the carrier USS Abraham Lincoln. The "marine carrier" USS Peleliu is also in the Gulf.

US Fifth Fleet Combined Maritime Command, located in Bahrain, said it could not comment on the ship movements, due to "force-protection policy" secrecy.

US warships (a destroyer and a submarine) are also gathering to the West of Iran, passing through the Suez with Israeli capital ships. Kuwait is said to be implementing emergency war measures.

All this is happening as Russian tanks flood into the Northern border of Georgia.


Anonymous said...

Theresa -
Would love to get your comments/insight regarding the whole showdown in Georgia and how it might relate to this. Somethin' is up....

theresa mitchell said...

1. Ossetia and Abkhazia back off Georgia
2. Georgia sucks up to NATO, pissing of Putin and the gang
3. Georgia decides it's time to control those tasty pipelines in the separatist provinces again, moves in
4. Russia kicks their asses out, with support from the Abkhazians and Ossetians
5. US can't do diddly.

Anonymous said...

6. Sarkozy smoothes the waters

7. No action by U.S. in Iran because it is apparent that Russia is serious and tired of U.S. behavior.